1. What are the benefits of leasing office space at the ENVIRO CENTER?
The ENVIRO CENTER is a green built and operated office space, offering health and environmental benefits. There are also networking opportunities and events, co-op marketing opportunities and special green business services, including discounted digital green printing. In essence, the benefits are a healthier you and a healthier business.

2. How much does it cost?
The ENVIRO CENTER pricing is comparable with non-green Columbia-area office rental pricing. Please contact us at (443) 733-1212 or info@enviro-center.com to receive current price lists and availability.

3. Is there space available?
For information, please contact us at (443) 733-1212 or info@enviro-center.com.

4. How are you involved in the community?
The ENVIRO CENTER works closely with the Green Building Institute in their continuous efforts to support community groups. Additionally, local groups hold meetings and events at our location.

5. Why is building green something I should care about?
I In the U.S. alone, buildings represent 39% of our primary energy use, consume 12.2% of our potable water (15 trillion gallons per year), and 40% of global raw materials. Green buildings significantly reduce this environmental burden and provide a healthier place to inhabit.

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